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Simon joined the GHL Team in 2016 with a huge repository of knowledge about injection moulds and plastics. Simon is an old friend of founder Huw and is as reliable as he is organised. As a Project Manager, he is most passionate about providing value to clients and their companies.

When it comes to working on projects, Simon is most passionate about being able to tackle any issues that might occur. He says:

“I enjoy being able to find solutions by really looking at the details. Sometimes it isn’t obvious at first glance but our experience and knowledge means we know where to look to find the answer.”

Simon confesses he doesn’t have one particular moment that he is proud of, but that he feels contentment with the completion of every successful GHL project, where he knows that it has been completed to the best possible standard.

Outside of working for GHL, Simon loves to travel and explore different cultures and his favourite place is London! His life motto is: “Don’t give up and don’t give in” (which comes in handy when working on those tricky projects!).

If Simon owned a product-based business, he says he would create a line of baby products!

“With the new policy in China allowing couples to have two children, the marketing around babies is getting more and more obvious. Meanwhile, I have great working relationships with manufacturers in this area.”