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About Us

Our Story

In late 2011, an email from a friend marked “URGENT – need some help!!!” landed in Huw Johnstone’s inbox. Huw was working in China at the time, for a company, sourcing products for large high street retailers. The friend, who had taken steps to grow his business and move his manufacturing to China, was struggling to get the products he had ordered to where he needed them to be in the UK.

With a little help from his existing connections, the order was chased down and completed. Huw supervised the loading, arranged the shipping and his friend was forever grateful.


That was the seed for GHL Procurement!

How could Huw support business owners who wanted to grow; those who wanted to develop new products, move their manufacturing overseas or source products in the most cost effective way but lacked the expertise and experience.

Starting with a huge network of connections, a comprehensive portfolio of factories that could produce a huge range of products and a desire to help people just like his friend, Huw founded GHL Procurement and the rest they say, is history!


Where are we now?  

The GHL team expanded rapidly, with team members joining to fit the demand of customer and GHL Procurement expanded its services from sourcing and international logistics, to supply chain management and all inclusive procurement solutions. 

Now, our team of experts supports businesses all over the globe with their procurement strategies to save them time and money.

Using their extensive knowledge and experience, the team help clients with the pitfalls and uncertainties of setting up production in China so they can focus on growing their businesses.


Our Values

We use our expertise and established relationships with the right people in the industry, guiding our clients through the process of international procurement to ensure they get the products they want, when they need them. 

Alongside our team skills and knowledge, the GHL Procurement team works to 3 key values, giving our clients the upmost confidence in us as a procurement partner.


Open and Effective Communication

With our clients, with our team members and with our suppliers and factories. We know that effective  communication underpins the most productive procurement strategies and with a team in the UK and feet on the ground in China, we do it well.





Our ability to work innovatively means responding and adapting to changes quickly, resulting in supply chain resilience. We work to streamline the procurement process and solve any problems which can occur swiftly and effectively, so our client can get on with the front end of their business. 


Integrity and Reliability

We know procurement, it’s what we do. We know what works well and our years of experience means that we also know when there’s a weak link in the process. You can rely on us to work openly and honestly every step of the way.

Our Team

The GHL Team extends over two offices, Cardiff and Xiamen. They are here to help you with every aspect of growing your product based business.

Take a look below to see who you can find where and to find out more about each of our team members


Managing Director
Cardiff and Xiamen Offices


Office Manager
Cardiff and Xiamen Offices

Annie Browne


Marketing Manager
Cardiff Office


Xiamen Office


Xiamen Office


Xiamen Office


Quality Assurance Engineer
Xiamen Office


Sea Freight
Xiamen Office


Air Freight
Xiamen Office