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Rita is originally from Guangzhou, China and started working with us in 2016. She enjoys the challenges and learning curves that the industry brings.

Our expert in lighting (LED bulbs are a speciality) who has also spearheaded several of our woodwork projects, she says:

“I’m most passionate about finding the most competitive supplier that is the perfect fit for our client. I consider my proudest moments to be when the goods are dispatched successfully and when our clients are satisfied with our work.”

Her life motto?: “Where there is a will, there is a way.

What else can we tell you? Well, she loves to travel to Thailand for her holidays, enjoys painting in her spare time and she is a fan of old school black metal, but also loves a bit of Abba!

We asked Rita what she would sell if she owned her own product based business:

“Environmentally friendly products such as bamboo cups – we should all be aware of the damage around the environment. As a sustainable material, bamboo can do the job and is also a good sales point.”