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Mark is GHL’s B2B specialist in marketing, sales, product development and strategic planning. As our Key Account Manager, Mark is passionate about partnering with our clients to support them in their product development. He works closely with all clients sharing concepts and innovative ideas, allowing them and their organisations to grow and stay ahead of industry curves.

Having worked in the textile industry for over 20 years, and more recently the toy industry, Mark has an in-depth knowledge of manufacturing practices and has worked closely with trusted suppliers, often visiting the Far East to challenge capabilities and seek new innovations.

There is no denying the value that Mark brings to the GHL team. He has what it takes to make a real difference and get the job done for our clients.

Outside of work, Mark is what you might call the ‘outdoorsy’ type. As well as a keen long-distance hill walker, he has an interest in outdoor pursuits including sailing, windsurfing and mountain biking.