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Giulia began working as part of the GHL Team in 2015 and most enjoys business trips. She loves travelling, seeing new places and meeting new people. Giulia especially likes Hong Kong because of its mix of Chinese and British culture and its potential for business opportunity. 

An asset to the team, Giulia is most passionate about problem-solving and finding the right solutions for any given problem. A project being completed, especially when it is a challenging one, is what drives Giulia. 

Her life motto? “Work hard and play hard.“ 

Outside of work, Giulia enjoys sports; specifically running and playing rugby. If Giulia owned her own product-based business she would sell handbags: 

“Most women would consider a handbag one of her favourite accessories. I would aim for both the Chinese and British market, with the added idea of waterproof bags, which I’m sure would be successful in Britain. Through GHL Sourcing, I already know manufacturers with excellent quality products at good prices.”