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Optimising Your Procurement Process with a Sourcing Agent

Aug 30, 2019 | General, Sourcing Agents

Popularly referred to as the “world factory”, China has become exceptionally well-known for being a cost sourcing destination for many start-ups and established business.

A sourcing agent plays a very important role in outsourcing manufacturing in China. The services of a sourcing agent are indispensable for anyone looking for a stress and hassle-free process.

Here are a few reasons why sourcing agents can help you with your procurement process and profit margin:

Better connection with suppliers

Through their previous clients, industry knowledge and business relationships, sourcing agents can help you find which manufacturers can offer the best price and highest quality for you. One size does not fit all, and their range of contacts will take you a step ahead in creating a working relationship with a manufacturer.

China based team

Most, if not all, sourcing agents who source manufacturing in China have teams based there. For many businesses, language barriers are an obstacle needed to overcome. With the team based abroad, there’s no communication barrier, reducing any risk of misunderstanding, saving time and becoming more efficient.

Save your time and cost

Another reason sourcing agents are valuable to businesses is the reduction in any risk of importing from China. They can help minimise the risk by following up production and saving time. In this way, you’ll also save money.

Quality control/reducing the risk of bad quality

A sourcing agent can be your eyes and hands in China. During the production process, the sourcing agent will manage the quality control and send the report effectively in order to meet the standard of quality required. Thus, reducing the risk of bad quality products.

The price is competitive

Through their many good relationships with different factories, a sourcing agent will always be able to get a very competitive price, saving you cost and increasing your profit margins.

Offer shipping coordination service

Through shipping coordination services, your products can get to the UK quickly and without issue. A sourcing agent can help ensure that your shipping is efficient.

Here at GHL Sourcing, we use value-creating strategies, best practice processes, appropriate planning and preparation skills. Give us a call to find out how we can help you optimise your procurement process and increase your profit margins.

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