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Travel in China: Bike Chariot!

Jul 18, 2017 | General, Travel in China

The Bike Chariot! (and other lesser forms of transportation)

Not that long ago it would have been inconceivable to have traveled by train in China, but the expansion of the high speed train network means it can now be as effective (maybe even more so) than flying. 

Air travel is still king, but the rail network in China is a serious contender for the crown. Once you factor in plane delays and airport security it can often be as efficient to catch a train as it is to fly. This is especially true when you also link in to the amazing (and cheap) subway systems – Hangzhou and Shanghai are our personal favourites.

We’ve traveled by a lot of different methods in China over the years and there’s benefits and negatives to all of them. Except one.

If you’re not in a rush this is the single best way to experience a city. Elegant, epic and exciting! Probably worth the journey to China on it’s own.

(definitely not the actual name but ‘Bike Chariot’ gives it the epic feel that it deserves)

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