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The Increased Value of a China-Based Procurement Team Post COVID-19

Sep 24, 2020 | General, Sourcing Agents

Manufacturing and supply chains have been affected by COVID-19 across the globe. For several months, all manufacturing in China came to a halt, but slowly, things have been returning to normal. A large problem remains that travel to China is prohibited from the UK. Despite the travel restrictions in place, best practices in supply chain management should remain constant. Companies should not open themselves to unnecessary risk where procurement is concerned. That is where working with a procurement agency such as GHL can help companies to build more resilient supply chains

China has grown a reputation over the years for being the low-cost production leader for product manufacturing. Although some businesses are beginning to question their dependence on them, there are still effective ways of getting your product shipped from overseas.

One of the large trade shows is Canton Fair. This has been cancelled as have many other trade shows in Asia. With these cancelled, how do you find quality manufacturers and build your initial relationship when looking for new supply chains? 

A sourcing/procurement company is the logical step. We have a profolio of tried and tested manufacturers ready to make your product.

Maintaining good practice is vital, even with travel restrictions.

What’s most important when procuring your product is to have clear communication and the ability to visit the factories to inspect quality, prototypes and build your relationship with the manufacturer. This is where having feet on the ground is a real advantage. With the tight restrictions still in place, having a team in China ready to work with the manufacturers allows you, the business owner, peace of mind that things are working as smoothly as possible. Updates on production, shipping and any delays/issues are clearly communicated when you have people there.

Without a presence in China, it is currently impossible to visit. You will be unable to visit the factory or carry out any type of inspection in the factory. 

That’s exactly what we have at GHL Sourcing. 

Our team based in Xiamen ensures production is running as it should; providing consistent updates on any delays and potential logistics issues. More than that, they help overcome obstacles that will hinder logistics or production so that your customers or business aren’t impacted too greatly by the pandemic. Creating a supplier relationship management strategy is vital to continue to produce quality goods in China. Sourcing agents are able to set this up swiftly with their teams in the country producing the product.

With help, British-owned businesses are able to manoeuvre round obstacles created by the pandemic. Therefore, the benefits of a sourcing agent have been amplified by COVID-19. 

Where previously you could visit a manufacturer, our project management system can step in, overseeing the full production of your product. Any issues that may arise are easily solved, or you will be quickly notified, allowing you to adjust your business until the issue is resolved.

GHL Sourcing has a portfolio of vetted, tested and approved factories to get you the best quote for production, ensuring quality control and production is up to scratch. You can read all the benefits of sourcing agents in our previous post.

With limited options available for carrying out risk limiting measures, a service like GHL not only saves time and money, but allows these measures to be carried out.

To summarise, the top benefits of hiring sourcing agents are:

  • Saves money and time
  • Quality control
  • Competitive quotes
  • Feet on the ground so communication is barrier-free
  • Better connection with suppliers
  • Prototyping
  • Shipping 

COVID-19 has put many businesses under enormous pressure. It would be folly to further risk your business by side stepping best practise due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Staying in profit is important, especially in a time like this. So, you need to keep in mind the best ways you can keep your business afloat without taking further risks. 

 If you need more information on how sourcing agents can help your business, get in touch!.

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